Keep Your Ride on the Straight and Narrow

Drift on over to Bourque's Automotive and Tire LLC for an alignment

Let’s say you’re driving down the highway when you start to notice your:

  • Car is pulling to the left or right
  • Steering wheel is shaking
  • Suspension is making strange noises

If your vehicle is showing any of these warning signs, bring it to Bourque's Automotive and Tire LLC right away. Our experienced mechanics will inspect your car and perform an alignment.

Benefits of an alignment

Benefits of an alignment

When you purchase new tires or your vehicle undergoes major repairs, you should schedule an alignment to make sure that your tires, steering wheel and suspension are working as they should. An alignment will:

  • Keep your wheel straight and centered
  • Prevent premature tire wear and damage
  • Increase fuel efficiency and overall performance
  • Minimize safety issues while driving

Bourque's Automotive and Tire LLC will make sure your vehicle is safe for driving with the latest technology available. Call today to schedule your vehicle alignment.