Rule the Road With an Upgraded Hot Rod

Rule the Road With an Upgraded Hot Rod

Turn to us for hot rod repair and performance upgrades

No matter what make, model or year your hot rod is, you can depend on the experts at Bourque’s Automotive and Tire LLC for repairs and performance upgrades. With extensive experience and skill, we’ll evaluate your hot rod and determine which repairs and upgrades would enhance your driving experience and lengthen your vehicle’s life.

Our professionals specialize in LS engine platform installations. However, we can also repair transmissions and complete transmission modifications. Or, if you want custom torque converters and drive shafts in your hot rod, we’re the place to visit. Contact us now to experience the difference our performance upgrades can make.

Hire us to upgrade your diesel hot rod

You can trust our professionals to complete diesel performance upgrades on your hot rods, including:

  • Cummins engines
  • Power Stroke engines
  • Duramax engines

We can also upgrade suspension systems, wheels and tires. Talk to us today to equip your hot rod with the latest products and technology.